Punjabi bride wears short to her wedding

Weddings are always a grand affair, especially in India. Everything is lavish – from the decorations to the clothes. But, what happens when the bride is done with everyone trying to outshine her on her wedding day? Well, something like this probably.

Seems like this bride found a unique way of shifting all the attention back to herself. Even though a ridiculously heavy bridal lehenga is an essential part of every Indian wedding, this bride decided to do things her own way. Ditching the lehenga, she opted for black Nike gym shorts instead.

Along with the picture, a video also surfaced of the bride and her Sikh groom being congratulated by people in a setting that seems to be somewhere that isn’t India. There is probably a very interesting story behind these shorts that we don’t know about but that didn’t stop people on Twitter to make jokes about it.

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